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Mark Heffernan is the owner of the largest school for the pre-licensing of Florida bail agents and is an instructor for the Florida Department of Financial Services for the pre-licensing and continuing education courses for the bail profession. Mark also co-chairs 2 committees for the Florida Bail Bond Agents Association FBAA. Additionally Mark is an executive Board Member of the Miami Dade Bail Association.  (PBUS) The Professional Bail Agents Of The United States, the national association of bail bond agents voted Mark Heffernan “BONDSMAN OF THE YEAR 2014”

PBUS's (Proffesional Bail Agents of the United States)
awarded Mark Heffernan as their bailbonds man of the year 2014.
Mark says: "Doug is my mentor"

I’ve known and worked with Douglas Aabbott for almost 20-years. During that time the bail bond business has changed quite a bit and many bail agents and their agencies have come and gone. Doug has maintained and grown his Florida-based offices, including his main office in Orlando, Pasco Bail Bonds.

Located in a prestigious building directly across from the Orange County Jail, Pasco Bail Bonds is considered by the players in the Orlando criminal justice system as the premier, most reputable and well- established bail agency in central Florida. This reputation is directly attributable to Doug Aaabott and his skills as a bondsman.Experience has shown me that anyone can write a bail bond where the client has all of the premium and full collateral. It takes a real bail bond agent to put together a bail when the premium and collateral are not immediately apparent or available. Doug is a bondsman’s’ bondsman. Over the years he has posted many extremely large bonds — some for celebrities in high profile cases and some for regular folks caught up in extraordinary circumstances.The purpose of any bail bond — whether for $200 or $2 million — is to assure the defendant’s appearance in court. This is where Doug’s skills really shine. He works with attorneys, family members, close friends and co-workers to secure the bonds he posts and fulfill his obligation to the courts of Florida. Due in no small part to the way that he and his bail agents put their bonds together, the overwhelming majority of his clients appear in court as required. Those who do not are almost invariably located, apprehended and surrendered back to the appropriate jail. Doug could certainly write a book about his adventures in capturing bond jumping fugitives.If I need a legal opinion or a fresh set of eyes on a bail matter, I call Doug Aabbott. Some of the maxims that I repeat on a regular basis I first heard from Doug, like, “It’s never a problem until it’s a problem” and “The bail bond is never better than the day you write it.” The latter meaning that if your bond is weak when they all need you and your services, then it won’t become stronger later.Probably more than anyone else, Douglas Aabbott has taught me what it means to be a bondsman. Earlier this year I was honored to be named as the Professional Bail Agents of the United States’ “Bail Agent of the Year.”

So having Doug Aabbott at a mentor in the bail bond business and as a friend has worked well for me.
Mark Heffernan
Licensed Bail Agent
Managing General Agent
PBUS Bail Agent of the Year



PBUS's (Proffesional Bail Agents of the United States)
voted Russell Faibisch into the
National Bailbondsman Hall of Fame.

Russell Says:

Douglas Aabbott is probably the best bondsman in Florida and like a brother to me.

Russell Faibisch

Member, PBUS Hall of Fame